Celebrating baby wearing international week with an ultimate GIVEAWAY!!

Celebrating baby wearing international week with an ultimate GIVEAWAY!!

Yes, that is right. Essentials for mums has joined with hug a bub to spread awareness of the benefits of baby wearing. To do this, we choose to give an opportunity for a new mum to try it. I personally used a baby carrier when my son was a newborn and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

My opinion about the benefits:

When my son was a newborn I didn’t start wearing a sling from the very beginning. I was afraid of hurting him somehow. To be honest, I was afraid of everything. I couldn’t go to the toilet, to the kitchen or anywhere. My newborn cried so much… The only way he didn’t was resting against my breast. At that time, I didn’t have help from anyone and my husband worked all day long. It was a really tough start. Both of us were very tired and stressed.
During the first month I tried to get my son to sleep in his pram. I won’t deny that it worked many times… Not all the time. During my lonely breastfeeding nights, I was always searching for magic answers on the internet. Of course you can find all kind of information you want to, any answers that leads you to use or not one product. Final decision is yours. I was desperate and I had already bought a sling. It was in my wardrobe waiting for my will to be stronger than my concern.
One day he cried so much I got him to the doctors thinking that he had something serious… he had lots of wind. Nothing I gave him worked.
I had, had enough. Sleep deprivation combined with a restless baby was driving me crazy. I gave baby wearing a go. It can’t be a coincidence I managed a routine and around every 3 hours I would put him into my sling and walked for few minutes and he would be asleep very fast. I even developed a technique to get him out from the sling without waking him up. It was pure bliss. 
Finally I started enjoying motherhood. I have no doubt that my baby sling was one of the best things I bought while my son was a newborn. It not only gave me more freedom it gave us a stronger connection.
I would like to state that I didn’t know hug a bub at that time. The baby carrier I used was the simplest one. Mum and baby got very happy after starting baby wearing.

How to enter the giveaway:
Follow Essentials for mums and hug a bub on Facebook page and in the main post about this competition, using a GIF let us know how you celebrate the baby wearing week. Help to spread the love and tag a friend for an extra entry.

Winner can choose any wrap or sling from the range (prize worth up to $99) – entry open to Australia and NZ residents only .

How to redeem:
We will choose the winner based on the best GIF. You can enter the competition until Sunday 8 October at 11:59 AEST. We will PM the winner within 48 hours. Winner will have until 31st of October to claim the prize.

Please note that this giveaway is no way affiliated, endorsed, associated o sponsored by FB. By entering our giveaway, you ae confirming that you are 18+ years of age and you release FB of any and all responsibility and agree to the terms in use.

Finding Hug a bub:
Know more about hug a bub at: https://www.hugabub.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hugabubcarriers/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hugabub/

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