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Reviewing Evan Jones – Sydney Inner west Playground in Annandale – Leichhardt.

If you are like me and your child is really keen to go out “everyday”, at this stage you probably are flicking the internet trying to find different little cool places to go with your little one.

My urge to find new playgrounds and parks started when my son was getting on his feet. Actually more like falling on his bum. He was so cute, a perfect explorer. Unfortunately, as the playground near my home didn’t offer much interesting things for a baby, I started then discovering little hidden playgrounds.

Evan Jones is going to be my first review. I got my son and hubby into this adventure. I hope you enjoy it.

Evan Jones the play ground:

Address: 12-24 Styles Street, Leichhardt

This is a beautiful and small playground that carters for children of all ages. Open plan with picnic area and trees. Very relaxing atmosphere makes it perfect for your kid run free on the grass. Be aware it is only half fenced.

There are signs of Dog on leash area. There is a bubbler for refreshment where dogs can drink water underneath it.

The floor is Wood chips and there is a good diversity of equipment to play.

There is an urban feel to this little park. The community wall is beautiful. Lots of shade and a half court where you can play basketball. Unfortunately, there are no bathrooms and no coffee shops nearby. Not really an easy place to arrive by public transport. Still a good hidden place to discover 😉

Did I miss to cover any information? Pop in the comments what you would like me to include in the next park review. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did!

Xx Florence

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  1. playgrounds are so essential for kids!! the only bad thing is the they don’t have bathrooms
    but is a way to start teaching kids to educate their needs

  2. That looks like a great little park for little’uns. We’re quite limited where I live, we have a couple and one of them.. I wouldn’t dream of taking my niece and nephew. Its mostly suspicious looking teenagers hanging around! I like that dogs can still come on leads without being entirely excluded 🙂

  3. Sounds like a wonderful park to visit. Not only can you get a bit of a workout (baby, and you going after him…lol), you can watch doggies as they play too.

  4. What a great find, for you and for other moms in your area! I really like the dog water option, so the pup can even be taken care of. The wood chips really helps little ones stay safe as well. Nice place to do play-dates, I’ll bet 🙂

  5. We have one playgrounds around but I wish there was more! What a great find, for you and for other moms in your area. I also like the dog water option, so the pup can even be taken care of.

  6. I guess one thing that is missing was the over view of how the whole playground look! With only two close-ups of your kid playing, it’s hard to see what is available there! Nice attempt though 🙂

  7. A playground with no bathrooms has got to be tough. Kids have such small bladders and when they need to go, they need to go. Hopefully that will change in the future.

  8. Reviewing parks? Where were you when I was raising my children? This is an exceptional idea. You will help parents who want to know where their children play.

  9. Awww he’s such a cutie and looks like he was having a blast! There’s a park about two miles down the road from my house and my daughter and I head out on that walk to play at that park at least once a week. So much fun and great suggestion!

    1. I always passed on front and never went there. Love the little finding. We have a community on FB. “essentials for mums community. Your are more than welcome to be part of. We could arrange to go to the park together 😉

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