Interview with Alice from The Milk Mumma


Interview with Alice from The Milk Mumma

Today our guest is Alice from The Milk Mumma. Her story is beautiful. She is a mumpreneur and new mum from Darwin and she has created a controversial range of products using breastmilk that celebrates women bodies and nature. All her products are custom made with love and care. It is a combination of breast milk natural healing and nourishing power and a selection of organic natural products. Perfect for mum and bub.

I am particularly very excited with our new addition to Essentials for mums directory as I had the opportunity to see the power of breast milk’s healing in action while I was treating my son’s skin irritation. When my son was a new born, he had a very bad eczema in his face and I was suggested by my midwife to apply breastmilk on the affected area. It has indeed many powerful healings nutrients. I was impressed with the results.

The concept is amazing and interesting. If you are open minded and you would love to embrace something new without criticism, keep reading and of course let us know if you have any questions. Let’s get to know about this fabulous mum and her brand.


Hi Alice! Great to have you on here and I really appreciate you taking time to introduce us to this new world.

Can you please let us know a little bit about you and your family? Where do you live and how do you manage work and family commitments?

Of course! My family consists of myself, my partner Ash and our beautiful daughter Delilah Ivy. She was born on valentines day this year and we couldn’t have asked for a more healthy and happy little girl. Our valentines day truly was filled with love.

We are currently living in Darwin, Nt for my partners work and have been here now for 1 year. Originally I am from the UK but I moved to Perth, Wa 5 years ago and fell in love with Australia.

My daughter is 100% my priority, finding time whilst she takes her naps or spends time with her Daddy is when I find the time to focus on The Milk Mumma. Sometimes this means I will have days without working on Milk Mumma and that is fine. Delilah is my inspiration behind my idea.


Can you tell us a little bit about “The Milk Mumma” and how your brand was born, the inspiration behind it and when your business came alive?

Milk Mumma is a business in which I create personal and unique body lotions and body scrubs for Mummas and their babes using their own breastmilk. I have been making the lotions and scrubs since April this year for friends and it was my friends that pushed me to start creating for other Mummas in and around Darwin. From here I have had such a great response that my next step is to create DIY kits for Mummas all over Australia to enjoy. My inspiration is my love for breast feeding and the healing powers my breast milk possess’s which has helped both me and Delilah.

What is important to you about your product? How does it works?

My product is so important to me as it extending the powers my breast milk possess’s. Our milk is so precious to us Mummas and when I started to use my milk to not only nourish my baby but nurture and heal myself and Delilah, my eyes opened up to the natural wonders of my milk.

Breast milk can be used in so many different ways, from healing a sore nappy rash, to curing cradle cap and moisturising your skin. As soon as I put my exploration and research into action I saw my milks additional capabilities and I was amazed.

Is there any health contra indication? Can anyone use it? How about I am a mum that can’t breastfeed? Is there any product with other mum’s milk?

There are no ‘health indications’. Breast milk cannot harm your skin, it only heals. People may be a little skeptical towards the idea of using their milk on their skin or their babies as it may seem a little odd but there are so many benefits and advantages to using your own milk to nourish yourself and your baby.

Lots of people ask me if the milk will ‘go off’ or smell. I preserve the Breastmilk in the lotions and scrubs using OPTIPHEN PLUS which is a PARABEN FREE PRESERVATIVE. Alongside this, I use cold pressed almond oil, Vitamin E oil and suggest storing your products in the fridge, in a cool dark place. The lotion and scrub does also have a shelf life of 10 weeks so there really is nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately I would not reccomment using another woman breast milk on your skin. This product really is aimed towards breast feeding Mummas who have a substantial milk supply and have stored milk and are wanting to use their milk up.

If I am not locally based, where can you deliver? How can I store this product? How long does it last for?

At the moment I do focus on Darwin Mummas but I am about to launch my DIY kits in the next couple of weeks. This then could be delivered to anywhere in Australia and I would love to branch out even further in the future.

I reccommend storing your products in the fridge, or a cool dark place. Definitely not in direct sunlight and should be kept sealed at all times.

For best results the lotion and scrub should be used within 10 weeks.

As your range seems to be a little bit controversial, How is your product being accepted amongst society?

With an idea like this there are people who have thought this idea is far to bizarre for them and I completely understand this. I understand and appreciate that breast milk should be used for the feeding of your baby and that is what breast milks main job is, for the nourishment and growth of your baby. I understand also that some Mummas do not have the supply to be able to use breast milk in this way and may find this a ‘waste of milk’ but I am aiming this product towards Mummas with a huge supply. Mummas who want another use for their milk and who would like to use their milk for the healing and conditioning of their own skin and their babies.

So far I have had an amazing response. Beyond what I  had expected as creating a business out of this idea was never my first intentions. But through the encouragement of my friends and then friends of friends my product really has started to grow. It’s very exciting.

What lessons have you learnt along the way, or what do you wish you knew before you started your business?  

I have learnt so much. I am continually adding to my knowledge about breast milk and its amazing properties, I am learning so much about other Mummas breast feeding journeys which I love and I am constantly learning about this whole new world of business.

Can you tell us a bit about how you work around your children, what are the key things for you that make family and work run smoothly?  

I am extremely fortunate to have such a supportive and encouraging partner in Ash who has been able to help out in every way possible. He is an incredible dad and I definitely wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing now without him. I also realise that most of the time my business will have to be put on the back burner as my daughter will always take priority and thats ok. This is a business inspired by motherhood and breast feeding and that will also be my main priority.

What is your favorite product from your range?

My favourite product is my body scrub. I am a sucker for the smell of coffee and since I began breast feeding I have not been drinking coffee. For me, waking up in the morning, having a lovely hot shower and using my body scrub gives me that energy boost I need to have a great day, especially after a restless night with Delilah. This is my one indulgence I try to allow myself a couple days a week!

I would like to give a big thank you to Alice. If you would like to know more about The Milk Mumma products you can connect with her on:




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  1. Really interesting! I was a mum who had a freezer overflowing with milk, so products like these would have been a great way to use all that excess!

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