DIY Home Detox for Busy Mums!!


I usually do an introduction to our guest blogger and at the end I say a big thank you. Today I thought it would be best if I do the opposite. I am already saying a big thank you to Jodanna from Five in the hive! You can jump straight in her amazing article that brings you many great tips to create an environment chemical free at home. At the end of this article, you will know a little bit about this amazing mum and what she does. Ah, I might say that you will find a surprise in there too. 😉   

DIY Home Detox for Busy Mums!!

Hands up if you are like me and all too aware of the toxic overload surrounding our kids these days? There’s not much we can do to control what we are exposed to outside our homes, but there IS alot we can do INSIDE our homes to reduce everyday toxins and chemicals.

Here are my top 5 tips when it comes to starting to Detox your Home.

1/ Become aware. As you go about your daily routine really start to pay attention to all the products you use – from multi-purpose cleaners, hand washes and detergents through to home fragrances. It can be pretty confronting and overwhelming but it is important to become mindful of everything we are exposed to.

2/ Make gentle changes. Deciding to live toxin free (or low tox) is important, but not as important as the journey to get there. Go about it too fast or in a crazy adhoc manner and you’ll most likely lose focus/ motivation and probably skip the important part of making sure the rest of your family is on board with the change as well. Go slowly, choose one or two things every week to change, google some products or DIY recipes, reflect on how effective you think the new solutions are, google some more or move onto the next thing. The aim here is to realise that forward is forward, every little thing you do is a step in the right direction. You want to enjoy this … you want to feel successful.

3/ DIY as much as possible. Knowing exactly what ingredients are in the products you are using around the home is not only reassuring but incredible empowering. Who knew some bicarb, white vinegar and a few drops of Lemon CPTG Essential Oil could give you such an incredible sense of achievement!! Know your limits though. You might be a DIY Demon when it comes to multi-purpose sprays and scrubs but feel completely out your depth at the idea of creating your own skin and hair care products. There are plenty of low tox / toxin free products available on the market, it just takes some good ol fashion googling and research to find the ones that best fit you. dōTERRA have a fantastic range of personal care products if this sounds like you. [I’m a HUGE fan of the Shampoo and Conditioner]


Multi-Purpose Cleaner – 250ml Glass / Aluminium Spray Bottle

  • 10-15 drops Lemon CPTG Essential Oil
  • ½ fill with White Vinegar
  • Fill remainder with cooled boiled water or distilled water

Disinfectant Spray [I gurantee the success of this, my baby crawled through a gastro induced vomit covered floor after I had cleaned it with this blend and she remained 100% gastro free]

250ml Glass / Aluminium Spray Bottle

  • 10 drops Oregano CPTG Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Tea Tree CPTG Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Lemon CPTG Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Frankincense CPTG Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Protective Blend CPTG Essential Oil
  • ½ fill with White Vinegar
  • Fill remainder with cooled boiled water or distilled water

Basic Bathroom Scrub – I mix it up as I need it in a shallow glass bowl

  • Bicarbonate Soda
  • White Vinegar
  • Wild Orange CPTG Essential Oil

** Simply mix until a paste is formed, apply to surface and scrub with a brush or scourer **

Toilet Freshener / Antibac Spray – 100ml Amber Glass/ Aluminium Spray Bottle

  • 5 Drops Lemongrass CPTG Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Frankincense CPTG Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Tea Tree CPTG Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Protective Blend CPTG Essential Oil
  • Fill with cooled boiled water/ distilled water or, if you find this leaves too much of a wet residue you can fill with vodka as the alcohol quickly evaporates.

Mould Fighter – 100ml Amber Glass/ Aluminium Spray Bottle

  • 10 drops clove CPTG Essential Oil
  • 5 drops lavender CPTG Essential Oil
  • 5 drops tea tree CPTG Essential Oil
  • 5 drops lemon CPTG Essential Oil
  • Fill with vodka (its ok, you can buy more for your Saturday night cocktails)

What is CPTG Essential Oil? It stands for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil. Basically, it’s the best of the best. Safe for adults and children and can be used aromatically, topically and internally. Watch this video to understand more about CPTG Essential Oils.

4/ Embrace the savings. If knowing you’re improving the health and wellness of your family by removing toxins from around the home isn’t enough of a motivation for you, then maybe you’ll love knowing that you’ll be saving a pretty penny or two by embracing a DIY lifestyle. I recently took to the calculator app on my iPhone to discover that it costs me roughly $27/ month for all our household cleaning products – that includes multi-purpose sprays and scrubs/ mould killer/ air freshener etc. Considering a recent article published in a reputable grocery catalogue estimated that Australians spend between $30 – $70 per week on their cleaning products. Its safe to say that the money I am not spending on my domestic chores can be safely re-routed to the “Mummy needs a glass of wine” fund with no associated guilt.

5/ Find your tribe. Being on a journey with like minded people is incredibly motivating and reassuring. If you find that your friends and family aren’t ready to embrace a more natural lifestyle then jump online. There are literally thousands of people who’ve paved the way before you and are more than happy to share tips and tricks – and of course you are always welcome to follow me on Facebook and join in any workshops I am running either online or face-to-face in Brisvegas.

So, I ask again – hands up if you are like me and want to embark on a journey towards a low toxin/ toxin free home for you and your family? If you’re ready, then I am here to get your started and support you 100%.  Contact me via email and we can chat about a customised / cost effective way to get your started using CPTG Essential oil in your home ASAP!

Welcome to the oily tribe xxx Jo (Five in the Hive).

Our guest blogger today is Jodanna, I am thrilled to have her to write for us. She is an amazing mum of 3 little ones under age of 5 from Brisbane.

She is also a Family Day care educator and a dōTERRA wellness advocate and she has found a real passion for helping parents start using essential oils in place of harmful chemicals and toxins in cleaning and general first aid applications.

Surprise time! Jodanna from Five in the Hive will generously give a lucky mum from our multicultural facebook mother’s group essentials for mums community a 5ml botte of Wild Orange.

Wild Orange essential oil is an incredible mood uplifting oil (and a degreaser) excellent for tough days. As per Jodanna said: “I use it so much to help pull me through the tough mummy moments. I’d love all mums to have this for themselves.” The best of all, although Five in the Hive is based in Brisbane (Australia), DōTERRA is a US based company it can be shipped internationally very easily. Jodanna also runs regular educational classes for locals here but she has the ability to help anyone, anywhere access incredible support either local to them or online.

How to enter:

Go to our Facebook Group: Essentials for mums Community and answer this question “How would you use essential oils in your home?”. We will then pic the best answer on Sunday 30 July 2017 by 9pm AEST. The winner will be announced in the group around this time.

PS: The winner will be announced on our FB group and contacted via FB MSN. In case we don’t hear back, the winner will have to claim their prize until 31 of August. Otherwise it will be passed to other mum from our community.


  1. What a great post, I’m always doing what I can do use natural products to clean. But I must admit I do cheat because only certain products that clean like I’d like them to our never natural, it’s such a shame

  2. This is perfect. My little one always want to help out but with such harsh chemical used by major brands I can’t have them using that stuff. I honestly never thought to use oils in the vinegar mixture. My grandma always used it in her house so I do use that, but she is mennonite maybe that’s why the idea of scented oils was never added. I ‘m going to have to pick some up would add a much better scent than vinegar throughout the home

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